About Me


It is my deepest desire to become a mother through adoption  I will provide the best of everything for your child: fun, travel, including trips to Disney World!, and a great education.   I am determined that she or he will lead a successful and rewarding life.

You will be an important part of our family.  I hope to get to know you.  If you call me, you will see that I'm a great listener, and I am committed to fulfilling your hopes and dreams for this child. I am Home Study certified as an adoptive parent and willing to do either an open or closed adoption.


Why I Decided to Adopt

I adore my niece and was deeply involved in raising her.  The joy that she brought convinced me that motherhood through adoption will be the greatest journey of my life,.  I will make sure that your child will be loved unconditionally and will learn to love themselves.

Michael's Testimonial

"I have known Caro as a friend for almost 30 years, and I recommend her enthusiastically and unconditionally. Caro will make a phenomenal mother. She approaches life with warmth, humor, responsibility, originality and intelligence. She is a talented psychotherapist and has single-handedly built up an excellent and interesting practice. She is a thoroughly devoted aunt and most influential in her niece's upbringing, spending valuable time with her since she was a baby. Caro has all the qualities of a terrific mother: she is nurturing, a professional, smart, patient and a loving individual."


I started singing and playing guitar as a teenager, and later performed at clubs in nyc.  I've written and recorded 2 albums, with some songs on tv and radio.  I wrote a lullaby, which I look forward to singing at bedtime:   "Singing the songs in my heart/ Hoping to sing them with you in my arms.."

My Original Song - Caro

home, sweet, home

Welcome to my happy home!

I live in a small New Jersey town, and everything that you need is within a 5 minute walk.   I live close to waterfront parks, ferries, and kayaking, where small and large families gather, and everyone says "Hello!". I imagine taking baby there to feed the ducks on a lazy day. 

My apartment and the waterfront with great views of New York City

caroadopts livingroom 2.jpeg
caroadopts bedroom.jpeg
caroadopts  Hoboken 4.jpg

Local playground w/gazebo

The schools are great here, and there are many playgrounds with state of the art slides, jungle gyms, and merry go rounds. When you walk down the main street you will see restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, schools, and lots of moms with baby strollers.  The town sponsors activities year-round, including street fairs, puppet shows, live music for kids, farmers markets, and outdoor movies.  
...and I live close enough to New York City to benefit from everything it has to offer (the best of everything)!

Local park with water spray!  Kids and parents love it!



Dec 2019 Boston.jpg

Family reunion in Dec 2019 in Boston


My sister & niece in costume as mermaids for a parade - we love Halloween!

I grew up in New Jersey with two younger sisters.  My parents took us on family trips to the beach, Washington DC and historic Williamsburg Virgina. I have a very large extended family with aunts, uncles and many young cousins.  We all get together in Boston for reunions in the spring and during Christmas break.


I have a lot of friends whom I collected from work, school, community, and my travels.  My friends feel like family, and most of my bffs are local.  Several friends have recently adopted, and some have older children, who are looking forward to babysitting.  They are all excited I am adopting!

caroadopts JillAndy tour.JPG
caroadopts Carolyn _ xmas 2.jpg
caroadopts in group.jpg

Andy and his wife, Jill, my bffs

Jeane and I on Christmas.

Listening to music with friends

caroadopts indoor skydive w Don.jpeg
Me wAlba Loveless July 2020 .jpg
Me w Alba Loveless 2.jpg

Indoor Skydiving with Don

Me and baby Alba bond

Naiya & her "twin" in California


Caro is going to be a wonderful mom!!! As a mom, blessed by adoption four times, I can absolutely say that Caro has the wisdom, energy, and ability to give her child an extraordinary life!  Caro is a world traveler, music aficionado with a long history of child advocacy and a deep understanding of the children's needs.  Caro has it all going on! She will truly be both an extraordinary mother and a source of respect and support for her child's birth family.

My Work

I followed my father's example, putting myself through college and graduate school, and started my own business, providing therapy, helping people change their lives.  I hope to instill in our child that same self reliance and persistence towards important dreams.  I have always been a child advocate, and have worked in schools, hospitals, and agencies, so I know when kids need extra help.  My business is financially secure and I am able to provide a comfortable life.  My schedule is light and flexible and will always revolve around our child's needs.