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About Me

My personality is like the season I was born into: very calm, sunny, and equipped to ride occasional storms.   I try to go with the flow and keep a cool head, even when life throws me a curve ball.   Like my favorite color, orange, I am an adventurous redhead, bubbly & cheerful, yet grounded. 

I have always been fascinated with how children think and express themselves.  I admire how zen babies are--they have no past and can only respond in the moment.  I will never forgot the experience of being a child myself - small and vulnerable and in need of encouragement -  with a deep desire to be listened to and taken seriously.  When my niece was born, I absolutely fell in love with her, which put me back in touch with my deep desire to be a mother.     


I intend to plant the seeds for a fulfilling and adventurous life for my child.  I want him or her to feel good about themselves, to feel unconditionally loved, and to have the freedom to explore their potential.  I also plan to raise my child in the Jewish faith.  Having a religious education taught me to treat others with kindness, the way that I want to be treated.


If the right man comes along, I will make sure that he will be a great father to my child.  I am happy by myself, and I will be happier in my own family with my child. 

Growing Up

"If you carry your childhood with you, you'll never become older."- Tom Stoppard


I come from a very hardworking family.  Although my parents were of modest means, they always valued hard work.  My father was a teacher, my mother worked part time, and my retired grandmother lived with us.   I followed their example, putting myself through college and graduate school, and starting my business soon after graduating.


One of my mother's best friends worked for a publishing house, and we received many great picture books on a regular basis. I loved reading, especially if a book featured an inspirational female role model, and the illustrations gave me an early appreciation for art. My favorite bedtime story was "Goodnight Moon".


As you can see, books were very important to me, and still are.  As I got older, I read widely.  Books taught me how to be brave and explore the world.  I am interested in most things, and want to know about other people, and this is a gift I would like to pass on to my child.

My Work

Me as a teenager in Wildwood, NJ

I'm a therapist, and am lucky to have rewarding and enjoyable work.  I am successful in my own business, financially secure and able to provide a comfortable life for myself and my future child.  I work for myself, and because of that, my schedule is light and flexible and will always revolve around my child's needs, with plenty of time to bond and be together.