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 I don't live near family, but my close friends are like family.  We met through school, work, music, or my travels.  I can depend on them to be there for me and our child.  

One of my oldest friends Andy and his wife, 

Jill, who will be like second parents 

Jeane and I on Christmas.

My girlfriends and I during a night out.

Me at my high school reunion

Laura and I at a birthday celebration

Indoor Skydiving with Don


Michael, one of my closest friends, describes me:

"I have known Caro as a friend for almost 30 years, and I recommend her enthusiastically and unconditionally. Caro will make a phenomenal mother. She approaches life with warmth, humor, responsibility, originality and intelligence. She is a talented psychotherapist and has single-handedly built up an excellent and interesting practice. She is a thoroughly devoted aunt and most influential in her niece's upbringing, spending valuable time with her since she was a baby. Caro has all the qualities of a terrific mother: she is nurturing, a professional, smart, patient and a loving individual."

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