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I live in a small New Jersey town. Most everything that you could want or need is within a 5-10 minute walk. There are many families and different kinds of families here.  Several friends have recently adopted babies, who can play with our child.  I live close to a major river, and love to kayak in warm weather. I imagine taking our child there to feed the ducks on a lazy day. 
And I still live close enough to New York City to benefit from everything that it has to offer.  
There are a lot of families with small children here, great schools, and there are at least a handful of colorful playgrounds.  When you walk down the main street you will see restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, schools, and lots of moms with baby strollers. There's a pier by the water with food trucks.  The town has lots of activities year-round, including street fairs, activities for children, farmers markets, plays, and musical performances.  

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My Bedroom

I plan on keeping our child in my bedroom, so I can quickly respond to his or her needs. 
Eventually, I will move to a larger apartment when our child gets older and needs his or her own space.

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My Living Room

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