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I believe in exercise for health, fitness, and fun.  When I was in high school I was a long distance runner and ballerina.  Most days, I walk a few miles a day, most days. Whenever possible I participate in fun social sports, such as ping-pong, kayaking, bowling, and dance.   Lately, I take a Zoom yoga/feldenkrais class.

My Original Song - Caro
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Music is very important to me.  I started singing and playing guitar as a teenager, and later performed at clubs in nyc.  It turned into a second career for me. I've written and recorded 2 albums, and some of these songs have been  on tv and the radio.  I wrote a lullaby, which I look forward to singing to my future baby.


I enjoy arts and crafts time, and every holiday season make lip balm  for friends.  These can be fun activities to do with children.  I hope to teach my future child to cultivate creative pursuits into adulthood, whatever they do for a living.

Here are a few words from a lullaby I wrote:

"Singing the songs in my heart

Hoping to sing them with you in my arms

Singing with all of my charm

Singing with visions of you from afar..."

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