My Travels

caroadopts_ Carolyn in Iceland.jpg

Enjoying the scenery in Iceland

caroadopts yellow flower heart.jpg
caroadopts Mermaids Portugal.jpg

Yellow Flower Heart

Plaza paved with mermaids in Portugal

caroadopts statuebratislava.jpeg

I found this amazing statue underground Bratislava, Slovakia

caroadopts Carolyn in Arcachon 2 (1).jpg

The Beach at Archachon, France

Caroadopts Vacation Bryggebruen, Denmark

Love Locks (seal your love) in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

I love to travel and it will be a big part of my life as a parent. We will go to children's museums, amusement parks, beaches, farms and markets, and eat the best food.  Over the years, I've made many friends in France, Italy & Norway, who are excited to host us.   


I've visited most states in the USA and over 20 countries from China to Argentina, to Iceland. 

caroadopts Carolyn in Lisbon.jpeg

On a balcony in Lisbon, Portugal

caroadopts Gaudi in Barcelona.jpg

My favorite mermaid palace in Barcelona


On the scenic route near Bergen in Norway


Monica, Sarita's mother, threw a 5 course dinner party for me in Italy, near Tuscany.  Everything made from scratch.  Best meal of my life

caroadopts Carolyn in Malaga.jpg

Enjoying the sun in Malaga, Spain


Japanese garden in Oregon

Me at Rioja, Denver CO 2009.JPG

Denver Colorado has a lot of great restaurants, here we are at my favorite when it first opened.