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My Travels

I am a seasoned traveler, having visited most of the US & Europe, and I plan to go on many trips with my future child.  

Enjoying the scenery in Iceland

Yellow Flower Heart

Plaza paved with mermaids in Portugal

Love Locks (seal your love) in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

I love to travel because you meet great people who become wonderful friends.   I go to museums, eat local food, and learn about the history and culture.  This makes history come alive for me in an exciting way, and I go where my curiosity takes me.  I hope to teach my child the pleasures of being well traveled.


I've visited over 20 countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia; as far east as China, as far south as Argentina, and as far north as Iceland.


In my travels and everyday life, I am struck by how life can be one giant learning experience, if you stay calm and stay the course.

On a balcony in Lisbon, Portugal

Statue in Bratislava, Slovakia

The Beach at Archachon, France

My favorite mermaid palace in Barcelona

On the scenic route near Bergen in Norway

Enjoying the sun in Malaga, Spain