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Checking in...I'm still here!

Realized it has been awhile since I blogged, and wanted to check in. I am still ready, willing and able to adopt a newborn.

In the meantime, I have been to some local concerts, decided to have a few lunch and dinner parties to connect with friends who live and work in the area. I helped a friend clean out his workspace so he can be more productive.

I am also preparing for a 9 day trip to Italy at the end of February. I am thinking about travel differently in the process of preparing for motherhood. I will be focused on safety, activities that children would enjoy, being in a situation where I can respond to the child's need, and plan fewer activities. I'm not a person who stays out late and parties, so that stays the same.

Since I am a therapist, I am aware of a child's developmental stages, but I did some re-reading with the mindset of the child is my child, and how to soothe, help them along with language, play and sleep.

Hope you are well, dear reader.

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