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Hard Beginnings

Just wanted to clarify something - I try to post about the fun small events, my positive thoughts, and keep things upbeat. I do this because I don't want to complain, and I have the thought that this would be more helpful to my readers. Today I was thinking that many people are posting upbeat posts, and that can make people feel disconnected if they are struggling. I thought I would say a little more about how it took me awhile to get to a more positive mindset, and that it is 100% normal to feel depressed and anxious right now.

Where I live we are permitted to go outside to exercise and get groceries, as long as we socially distance, and I do this once every few days. If I couldn't do this, I would be struggling a lot more. I go on occasional bike rides and walks, taking the necessary precautions.

The first week that I was in isolation was the hardest. At that time, very few were in quarantine, and it was a real quarantine. I thought I would go crazy, it was very difficult. I was terribly lonely, and calls and texts from friends and family did not fill the void. I found that over time. Thankfully, I recovered. There are some days when I feel sad, or nervous, but it's usually not the full day. We are living through strange times, and hope that my posts are helpful to read.


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