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Is a Pandemic the Same as Having a War Experience?

I've heard politicians referring to this COVID-19 crisis like being in a war. I don't really see it that way, or at least, that isn't my experience, but there are some similarities. We are experiencing a certain amount of rationing, but nothing like what happened in World War II - cvs is not allowing people to purchase more than 2 packages of goods in short supply, such as toilet paper, and disinfectant. Rubbing alcohol, which used to be extremely inexpensive and plentiful, is not available at all. When I went to Walgreens, I was told that they had 2 oz hand sanitizers, and the limit was 1 per person per week, as long as supplies lasted. However, in World War II, meat was not available. Sugar was a rarity. Nylon stockings were not available and in high demand. People not in uniform (mostly women) were told to wear and darn their clothing, so that there would be enough material for uniforms for soldiers

We are worried about medically compromised and older friends and relatives. We are isolated. There is a death toll. All these things are true. And this, to some degree, may mimic a war experience. However, since we haven't known war on our soil since the Civil War and for some, Pearl Harbor and to some degree, 9/11, it is still trying and challenging to adjust to the new normal.

Despite all this, I have been looking for things to keep my spirits up. Keeping in touch with good friends, being reassured that people care and are reaching out and asking how they can help, giving to charity, looking for ways that I can be of help - all these things feel good. Taking more care to prepare beautiful looking, as well as tasty foods, even though it's just me. Making a list of all the things I never have time for, and doing them, one by one. I have been posting more on this website. If I have a silly idea, sometimes I do it, for fun.

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