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Love of Play

I know that play is very important to children. That is the main way that they learn. The best teachers use play and playfulness, and it works. Here's a picture that I wanted to put on this website, that shows me playing with my niece, and expresses how I can be with children.


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Gotta New Toll Free Number!

To make it easier to reach me, I got a new toll free number: 800-820-8142. If you know someone who is working on an adoption plan for their soon-to-be-born baby, or in a few-months-to-be-born baby, p

If you know anybody...

who is looking for a home for their baby, soon to be born, please keep me in mind. Call or text 201-614-5150. I also have a great attorney, who is a gentle soul, who will make everything happen, when

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