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Me and Social Media

I am not a natural social media person. Although I can be outgoing and friendly with small groups, it took me a long time to find my business's "brand," I find it hard to describe myself, and I run shy on presenting myself online. I know a lot of people feel that it's important to be fabulous and appear flawless, and that doesn't seem right to me. I want to present the truth. At the same time, how much information is too little or too much to share online? I'm not sure if presenting blurry pictures of the misshapen pasta and crackers I've created (as I'm new to these cooking/baking adventures) on this blog is the right thing to do.

The pandemic also presents a challenge. I have had far fewer visits with friends - in this part of the country, people are running a little scared and cautious. Although many friends have gone out of their way to be there for me, most of our contacts are on the phone for this and last month. Restaurants, museums, botanical gardens, movie theaters, concert venues, among other places are shut down or operating online or somewhat. So, I am limited to report on activities within the home.

I know this adventure with my website is all about giving you a sense of who I am - a peephole into my life, so you can have the feeling whether I am the right adoptive mother to refer to your pregnant friend, sister, daughter or colleague. Hopefully, I am succeeding, but I really have no idea. I just keep putting one foot ahead of the other, and try to have faith that everything will be okay.

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