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Sunday Funday

It's raining here

Gazing out my window on a rainy Sunday afternoon, it's a different kind of funday. The quiet kind. Social time is scheduled tonight with my neighbors, and we will chat social-distance style. Watching the new Outlander, while my heart is in my mouth - this looks like an episode where there is some violence and some pirate action. Enjoying lentil soup I made last night with a little lemon juice, cilantro and a drizzle of olive oil with a spicy drink a friend dropped off. I'm in the quiet excitement of planning my week, and the possibilities of new creative projects (doing a little creative writing, thinking of new recipes to try), as well as creative solutions to household problems (mending the beloved hand knit socks I got at the market in Latvia, cut up an old promotional t-shirt to make re-usable cotton wipes, which are hard to find in my local cvs).

Hope you are having a good Sunday!

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