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Taking a Child Care Class to Prep for Parenthood

I've studied developmental cycles. I've determined not to be a psycho parent, and not to micromanage my future child. I've acknowledged that I won't be perfect. I know my strengths (good values, kind, good listener, brave, hard worker), and my weaknesses (yup, I have fear that I choose to ignore unless there is real danger, shyness, can be self critical). I've read a LOT of books on parenting. But, I thought, why not take an evening with a friend who is also in the process of adopting (we have a community so my kid will have friends who are also adopted that they can share and talk with), and get some hands on experience diapering, dressing, swaddling, and getting some hands on tips? It's been a few years since my niece was born, and I did all that. Here's a photo of me, looking lovingly at the doll I was taking care of.

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