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Trying to Stay Connected during a Crisis

Hi everyone. Out of respect for the vulnerable ones, I am staying home, and only leaving my apartment when I run out of food. When I leave my home, I am keeping a 6 feet distance from everyone. I am working from home. I am not sick, thankfully, but out of concern that there is a possibility that walking around outside or in shops, that I could unknowingly be contagious with the coronavirus.

I am not currently talking to any pregnant women about adoption. In fact, the phone calls of prospective has stopped. Everyone has a lot to figure out and think about. I’m trying to have faith that somehow, everything will work out. I am channeling my maternal instincts to help people in need who are very anxious, helping them to problem solve. Because after the baby comes, I’ll be home bound, I can work out how I will change my routine in the future. No hair or nail salon, fewer long haul trips to the grocery store, more working from home, and not being able to leave the house for long periods of time.

I wanted to say somewhere on this website, that I am putting my best foot forward, but by no means do I think I am perfect. I think I’m a good person, but I’m human. The good news is that focusing more of my time to helping others is keeping me more sane, and creating more good feelings than I even expected.

. I can keep my focus on helping others, and not thinking about real or imagined problems. As you may be experiencing, there is a lot of anxiety and panic all around.

Dan Baker found that people can either think about love or about fear. I am choosing love as much as possible. I wish the same for all of you. - xoxo

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