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What's An Adoption Plan

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Sometimes, a woman (can be a teenager or married woman) finds out she has a surprise pregnancy that was unplanned, and at some point realizes that she is not in a position to raise the child. The reasons can be financial, that it is not the right time, that the circumstances are far from ideal. This is a difficult and can be a painful dilemma that many girls and women can find themselves in.

One solution is to create an adoption plan. The decision to make an adoption plan is made out of love and care for their baby, and wanting the best for their future.

The first step in doing this, is finding the right adoptive parent. Some women like the idea of a single woman raising their child, because their child will get 100% of their attention. Using the internet, as opposed to an adoption agency, gives the pregnant woman the freedom to have as much communication as she wants and choose the adoptive mother outside the confines and restrictions of an agency.

This is an important decision. At some point, you will meet the right person and it will just feel right. You will think, "I am comfortable with this person raising my child." You are looking for a situation that feels as if it were meant to be.

If you know of a pregnant teenager or woman in this situation, please give them my phone number 201-614-5150 and tell them to call me anytime. I would love to adopt a newborn, and meet women looking to form an adoption plan.

I'm hoping that we will be the answers to eachother's prayers.

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